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Implementing CM1

CM1 supports you throughout the whole journey: development, sales, implementation and support. With our many years of experience and expertise, you get support and guidance throughout the whole AML process. We have extensive experience of both national and international implementations from large and small companies and organizations. With us, you are safe throughout the entire process.

How implementing CM1 works?

Screening, KYC & Risk classification

Screening (PEP and sanctions) and risk classification of customers including continuous updates of Beneficial Owners and organisation representatives.

By using CM1 to perform due diligence on new and existing customers, you can easily and efficiently run checks on your customers against the PEP and Sanctions lists required by law. The controls can be done in real time via API, daily through continuous screening and manually.

With the CM1 risk engine you can categorize your customers based on the risk parameters you have identified in your business. Risk classification of customers can be done in real time via the API, as well as continuously throughout the business relationship.
Transaction monitoring rules can be set up with direct connection to different risk classes on customers.

Opportunity for daily updating of beneficial owners from the Swedish Companies Registration Office, which is continuously checked against PEP and Sanction lists. It also is possible to use the CM1 API for checking Benificial Owners.

It is also possible to use information about ownership structures (SCO/Sanction Control Ownership) and adverse media.

Read more about KYC here:


Transaction monitoring and Real Time monitoring (RTM)

Ongoing transaction monitoring, rule configuration, classification and reporting.

With CM1’s powerful and user friendly transaction rule engine you can conduct continuous customer transaction monitoring. It is easy to configure rules for monitoring based on the risks you have identified in your business.

With CM1 software RTM (Real Time Monitoring) it is possible to capture suspicious behavior directly or over a longer period.

By combining this information with analysis of customers’ historical information and account profile, CM1 RTM software can provide a complete analysis of a customer’s profile, risk levels, and predicted future activity.

CM1 RTM analyzes a flow of transactions

  • Customer transactions is monitored in real-time
  • The transactions monitored can include for example cash deposits and withdrawals and wire transfers
  • When a transaction takes place, a check is performed based on the rules you have defined
  • You can choose what will happen depending on the outcome
  • This can apply to transactions connected to both organizations and individuals.

Reporting files from CM1 to the Financial Intelligence Unit’s goAML

In cases where you identify suspected money laundering or terrorist financing that should be reported, you can create reporting files directly in CM1 for transfer to the FIU’s goAML system.

Reliability & Security

CM1 is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013

GDPR-assured management, federated login and permissions configuration give CM1 a high level of security.

CM1 meets the requirements of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Federated login with high anti-intrusion security is used to login to CM1. A number of different access roles can be set up, which increases security and control over the information set. The permissions structure gives you a clear overview of the various access roles and which specific permissions the respective administrator has.

Consulting, support & CM1 Academy

In addition to consulting and support, the service also includes training and the opportunity to exchange experiences through CM1 Academy

As a CM1 customer you will be invited participate in CM1 Academy. This includes annual basic training and advanced courses. There is also an administrative group in CM1 Academy where, in addition to the CM1 content, you will have the opportunity to exchange experiences, problems and solutions with other customers.

The support function provides you with administrative support and support for your enterprise customers, if you so wish. It is common for our customers to also request various forms of IT consulting, which we are happy to offer.

Compliance & Follow-Up

Case management, traceability and follow-up for compliance in your AML-work with reporting capabilities for your FIU.

Your AML/Fraud cases is handled in CM1 Case Management System where you can define the necessary steps for your organisation.

Reports are included in CM1 and can be used for both external and internal reports. The most common reports relate to basic statistics for ongoing follow-up and statistical data for reporting to Finansinspektionen. Here you can easily follow up on your customers and filter them by various segments like number of cases, politically exposed persons (PEP) and sanctions.

Support for creating reports via XML files to the those FIUs using goAML*.

*The goAML application is the UNODC Software Products for Member States’ response to money laundering and terrorist financing, and is available to Financial Intelligence Units of Member States to support their work.

Pattern recognition with AI

Award-winning AI machine learning service detects suspicious transactions that would otherwise slip under the radar.

Our new, proactive and award-winning service for transaction monitoring, CM1 ML, is now revolutionising the industry using AI. It harnesses pattern recognition to analyse the customer’s transaction data in order to find new suspicious transaction patterns. The pattern recognition platform has been trained on generally accepted scientific models. This process uses both supervised and unsupervised self-learning machine learning.

Criminal operators are constantly finding new ways to circumvent reactive transaction monitoring. Our new AI service allows us to capture new behaviours more quickly. In collaboration with two major industry players, we now have a scalable add-on service which is able to capture previously unknown transaction patterns with the help of AI. CM1 ML has proven that it is possible to build a self-learning, cost-effective, scalable AI solution for advanced, proactive transaction monitoring. The analysis includes abnormal pattern identification, as well as time series, frequency and cluster analysis.

Areas that were previously hard to monitor include SWISH and card transactions. By applying the service to these areas, our partners have been able to identify suspected money-laundering patterns that were previously unknown.