Implementing CM1

CM1 supports you throughout the whole journey: development, sales, implementation and support. With our many years of experience and expertise, you get support and guidance throughout the whole AML process. We have extensive experience of both national and international implementations from large and small companies and organizations. With us, you are safe throughout the entire process.

Project start

As a CM1 customer, you always get a dedicated project manager who will lead the implementation project. The project manager acts as operational support as well as technical support and will hold the meetings and workshops that usually occur during an introduction. We always start with a start-up meeting where we go through how CM1 should be used and adapted based on your business and the needs you have. If, for example, you are going to use the risk engine or transaction monitoring in CM1, we usually hold separate workshops and trainings around these. We want you as a customer to feel secure and safe when we set the criterias for configuration and setting of risk classes or monitoring of transactions.


Regardless of which function or functions that are  used in CM1, we adapt the project to your AML process. Together, we analyze your needs to configure CM1 so that you get the most out of the system. The work then enters a more technical phase which, among other things, means that your data is imported into CM1. Behind each project manager is extensive support in the form of a team with both business expertise and technically deep and broad knowledge, all to ensure that your implementation goes as smoothly as possible.

Test and training

Based on your technical and organizational preferences, we create test and production environments. The purpose of the test environment is that you should be given the opportunity to work with settings and configuration, but also so that we can be your support when importing data to CM1. In this phase, we usually hold an introductory course for CM1 users where we mainly go through the functionality that you will use so that you are comfortable with the system before production start.

Support and expertise

Even if each project has an end, we know that there is a need for support and expertise even after a system implementation. As a customer to CM1, you have access to CM1 support team which includes technical and operational competence and regulatory expertise. We have extensive experience from customers in various industries both nationally and internationally. We also monitor the latest on the regulatory area and trends within the industry and technology.