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Newsletter June 2023

Newsletter | Publish date: 21 Jun 2023

Summer greetings from CM1

Thank you for this spring and we look forward to an exciting autumn.

In this newsletter you can read the following news:

Beneficial Owners – Finland
CM1 now offers functionality for automatic retrieval of beneficial owner information for Finnish organizations from the PRH registry. CM1 will keep this information updated and will regularly make checks against the registry so that all current beneficial owners are included in the regular screening, and enables you to use that information for risk classification. Contact us if you want to get started with the new service.

Adverse Media – Persons
CM1 expands its functionality regarding checks for adverse media. CM1 has previously allowed you to perform adverse media checks for organizations, but has now expanded the functionality to allow you to perform corresponding checks for persons as well. This can be carried out continuously and during onboarding to provide you with information regarding adverse media. Get in touch with us if you want more information about adverse media and how it can be used in CM1 for both organizations and private customers.

Taxed income
We’re happy to share that CM1 now offers a new additional service – Taxed income. Through this service, you’ll be able to retrieve the latest taxation information for your private customers in Sweden. There are eight new parameters that can be added, among these are taxed income from employment and final tax. These parameters can be used in both your risk classification and as additional information to be used in your transaction monitoring rules. With this new service, you’ll have access to accurate and current information, which will be automatically kept updated, to help you make informed decisions. Use the different parameters to get a better understanding of your customers economic situation. Contact us for more information about Taxed income and how it can be used in CM1.

Event 27th September: ChatGPT and Generative AI
Softronic and Microsoft invites you to an event about ChatGPT and generative AI. Register here! (Swedish)

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