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Real Time Monitoring analyzing transactions in real-time

News | 30 Apr 2021

With CM1 software RTM (Real Time Monitoring) it is possible to capture suspicious behavior directly or over a longer period.

By combining this information with analysis of customers’ historical information and account profile, CM1 RTM software can provide a complete analysis of a customer’s profile, risk levels, and predicted future activity.

CM1 RTM analyzes a flow of transactions

  • Customer transactions is monitored in real-time
  • The transactions monitored can include for example cash deposits and withdrawals and wire transfers
  • When a transaction takes place, a check is performed based on the rules you have defined
  • You can choose what will happen depending on the outcome
  • This can apply to transactions connected to both organizations and individuals

With CM1 RTM and in combination with CM1s other add-ins you can identify suspicious behavior and increase automation

  • Increase automation– minimize unnecessary alerts by tailoring scenarios to customer or transaction risk and focusing on regulatory priorities
  • Give financial institutions confidence – we have an established system that supports the Money Laundering Act and facilitates auditing, monitoring and investigations.
  • Implement quickly, easily and securely.


If you have any questions please contact Tommy Paanola, tommy.paanola@softronic.se 

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