CM1 - Mönsterigenkänning med AI

Pattern recognition with AI

Award-winning AI machine learning service detects suspicious transactions that would otherwise slip under the radar.

Our new, proactive and award-winning service for transaction monitoring, CM1 ML, is now revolutionising the industry using AI. It harnesses pattern recognition to analyse the customer’s transaction data in order to find new suspicious transaction patterns. The pattern recognition platform has been trained on generally accepted scientific models. This process uses both supervised and unsupervised self-learning machine learning.

Criminal operators are constantly finding new ways to circumvent reactive transaction monitoring. Our new AI service allows us to capture new behaviours more quickly. In collaboration with two major industry players, we now have a scalable add-on service which is able to capture previously unknown transaction patterns with the help of AI. CM1 ML has proven that it is possible to build a self-learning, cost-effective, scalable AI solution for advanced, proactive transaction monitoring. The analysis includes abnormal pattern identification, as well as time series, frequency and cluster analysis.

Areas that were previously hard to monitor include SWISH and card transactions. By applying the service to these areas, our partners have been able to identify suspected money-laundering patterns that were previously unknown.

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