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Now you have the opportunity to try CM1 for a month for free. During this period, you can test screening against PEP and sanction lists as well as CM1’s built-in management of hits. You also have the option of adding parameters to your customers that you can use for risk classification in CM1’s powerful risk engine.

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CM1 – Market leading AML-system

Matching of customer database against, inter alia, PEP and sanctions lists, media coverage and real-time checks.

Effective AML-work

CM1 is a powerful service that helps you in the work of preventing money laundering, corruption and terrorist financing. The system and its modules are continuously developed in parallel with current legislation and regulations so that you can save time and resources. CM1 helps you to focus more on your core business.

Log, track and select the parts of your information set that need to be reported and followed up on in a simple and convenient way.

Better risk management

With CM1’s powerful risk engine, you can easily set up which parameters you want to use to calculate your risk. The risk engine is flexible and easy to adapt to your business’ needs and it is an effective tool to have control over your company’s AML risks.

GDPR-assured management, federated login and permissions configuration give CM1 a high level of security.

Become compliant

Through continuous development of new functionality and constant adaptation to current regulations, you can feel confident that CM1 always supports your company’s AML function. Combine your market expertise and customer knowledge with product-specific risk parameters and CM1’s functionality to achieve regulatory compliance.

Frequently asked questions about CM1 Light

What PEP and sanction information is included in CM1 Light?

High quality PEP information from Bogard and DowJones. Sanction lists from EU/UN.

How do I add my customers to CM1 Light and where are they saved?

Importing customers can easily take place directly in the service. After that, you can freely add new customers and manage them directly in CM1. Your customer information is stored and handled according to GDPR in exactly the same way as in the full version of CM1 and is handled securely according to ISO27001.

Pricing plan – Try for free

CM1 Light
Access to CM1's basic functionality
Customer support
Control against PEP and sanction lists
Real-time checks and updates via API
Daily update of beneficial owners from Company Registries
Risk classification of customers using a risk engine
Transaction monitoring
Create report files for reporting to FIPO's goAML
Representative review
CM1 Dynamic Reports
Adverse/negativ media
Reports and statistics

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